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Patches can be used league wide like the NHL 75th Anniversary, the 100 year Stanley Cup Patch or the NHL 2000 patch.

patch 100.jpg (190253 bytes) patch 75.jpg (97878 bytes)

patch 2000.jpg (74321 bytes)

Teams that will host the all-star game usually have a patch. The All Star jerseys themselves may have one also.

patch as.jpg (59390 bytes) patch as tor.jpg (141307 bytes)

as echl 2002.jpg (154807 bytes) 

as philly.jpg (168456 bytes)

The two teams in the Stanley Cup finals will wear a patch.

finals 90.jpg (148240 bytes) finals 91.jpg (182187 bytes)

finals 93.jpg (178083 bytes)

finals 94.jpg (157240 bytes) finals 97.jpg (164928 bytes)

finals 2000.jpg (190241 bytes)

A teams anniversary. Flyers 25th, Pens 25th, Bruins 75th , Panthers 5th etc.

patch 25th.jpg (101515 bytes) patch blues.jpg (165047 bytes)

patch chi.jpg (101955 bytes)

patch sharks.jpg (198913 bytes) patch ranger 50.jpg (181091 bytes)

patch ranger 75.jpg (197182 bytes) 

patch n star 25.jpg (146646 bytes) parch edm 10.jpg (124744 bytes)


Patches to signify a event like Calgary 1988 Olympics,   Quebec rendezvous 87, the game one patches, Hall of Fame Game patches, City related patches.

patch hof.jpg (205940 bytes) patch expo.jpg (107903 bytes)

patch edm.jpg (117609 bytes) 

patch alberta.jpg (119100 bytes) patch dis.jpg (147937 bytes)


A memorial patch, Pelle Lindbergh 31, Badger Bob, Steve Chaisson 3, Barry Ashbee 4, CHS, 911 etc.

patch 31.jpg (124606 bytes) patch chisson.jpg (79283 bytes)

patch chs.jpg (185440 bytes)

patch 911.jpg (129029 bytes) parch smitty.jpg (134869 bytes)


Patches for opening or closing of arenas.


patch mem dreams.jpg (121595 bytes) patch ral arean.jpg (144143 bytes)


Advertising patches.

Mostly on Minor league teams. The Dunkin Donuts was on a New Haven Knighthawks jersey, MeiGray Group from the 2002 ECHL AS Game jerseys, and the Modell's from the Philadelphia Phantoms.


adv dd.jpg (109384 bytes) adv mei.jpg (77674 bytes)

adv mod.jpg (143577 bytes)

adv trop.jpg (87509 bytes) adv warstein.jpg (46018 bytes)


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