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Game Worn Jerseys - Jersey Tagging


Jerseys will usually have a size tag in them. The size of the jersey may also be on the manufacturer tag. Sometimes it is written by hand on the tag.
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Who made the jersey. They will usually have a tag in the jersey. They may also put their logo on the outside of the jersey. Either the back hem or above the nameplate.
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Some teams send their jerseys to be lettered by an outside company. These companies will put their name on the jersey. They will use tags, stamps and sometimes even patches. they can be found in many different places. Collar, inside or outside hem, behind the crest or even inside the sleeve. Will sometimes incorporate the set tag.
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Born on Date

This is when the jersey was made. It can be on a tag or a sticker. The stickers usually come off the jersey after a few washings.

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Washing instructions

tag wash.jpg (126161 bytes)

Set Tag

Placed in a jersey by the team. This will usually tell you what year and set the jersey is from. These can be patches or screened on the jersey. Usually found on the hem.


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Seller Tag

Sometimes the company that markets the jersey may put their tag in the jersey.

tag meigray.jpg (38228 bytes)

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