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Over 200 images with detail and historical perspective!

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With over 2000 images with historical descriptions and growing, with you help and constant support we have successfully compiled the largest database of game worn jerseys and game worn jersey history on the internet. This information is now preserved for our sons and daughters to enjoy, respect and learn from. Please help keep the tradition going and upload you images today!

We take the business of documenting game worn hockey jersey's VERY seriously. Please take the time to take good photos and include as much background and description as possible. This way, the next generation can learn and appreciate the jerseys and the history each one carries.

Please remember to:

1. Use good lighting. The more light the better chances it will show up nicely.
2. Try to use a digital camera. Get a close up of the jersey so others can see the action!
3. Don't submit fakes. We are nationally recognized authenticators in this business and it's just a waste of everyone's time, not to mention a waste of your time.
4. If your submission does not include BOTH a valid email and telephone number it will not be accepted.
5. With your help, together we'll build the BEST and largest database of game worn jersey's in the world!


1. Click here and complete the form.
Please upload your pictures in .gif or .ipg format. Upload size 500K per image

2. Email photos to and include the information below in your email.

Additionally, if you don't have a scanner you can e-mail me and I will give you my mailing address so you can send them. Once you have submitted your photo's, your photo's are copyright protected by Spirit of the Game, Inc. preserved online for others to appreciate and enjoy.

When emailing photos, please include the following:
(Cut and paste the following into your email and then fill in)

Name the image:


Last name of player:

Strap etc.

Example on a 1975-76 LA Kings Milt Bryon jersey: 75-76Byronfrt.jpg | 75-76Byronbk.jpg | 75-76Byrontag.jpg | 75-76Byronpatch.jpg. This will help me speed things up.

Next on Game Worn Jersey Information please send us this information.

Year -
Team -
Name of player?
Game Wear:
Your name and purchased from is optional:

Also any story or interesting thing about the jersey.




Thanks for helping preserve hockey jersey history.

Rich Ellis

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